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Our mantra here at Circle H is, “The Brand is Everything.” In fact, our tagline is A True Brand Evolution. We have put a figurative “line in the sand” and will not partner with companies who will not commit to building a strong brand. Without a clearly articulated brand that is consistent across all consumer touch points, true marketing success is stunted and our efforts will be in vain. Building a brand is a true investment that must be supported across the entire organization and there must be a long-term commitment to see it through. All marketing tactics, media choices, and efforts MUST support the core brand. Here are a few examples of recent branding initiatives that we are proud to have led. We can do the same for you.

Texas Hospice

Texas Hospice always exhibited brand attributes that were supported organizationally, but they hadn’t been fully articulated to consumers. The company desires to make every day of a patient’s life count and allow them to fully live…all of their days. The Texas Hospice team is also committed to demonstrating the love of Christ through the most compassionate and quality end-of-life care available. Circle H wanted to evolve the brand and build resulting messaging that “takes the sting out of death” and communicates that there is life and hope; even when facing life’s most difficult circumstance. Out of this the Love Lives Here brand campaign was born. We “rebranded” the company website, print collateral and produced a radio spot to fully communicate this strong and very honest brand position that embodies what the company stands for. We also discovered that the primary decision makers for engaging hospice care are females. So, the resulting color palette, wording and tone were geared toward a more female-oriented audience. Please click on the samples here to experience Texas Hospice’s Love Lives Here brand first hand.


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Dr. Byrd shares his vision for Texas Hospice on DFW Radio. You can hear the spot live weekday mornings on KSKY 660 AM (can also be heard on 92.9 in Dallas, 95.5 in Arlington and 99.9 in Fort Worth).

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