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What We Do

Circle H Branding Co. is a full-service agency offering expertise in marketing, advertising and public relations. We can build a brand from the ground up or take a brand that needs an infusion of marketing power and re-establish its leadership position.

We founded the agency to efficiently deliver brand-marketing services to companies who want personal attention, stellar service and breakthrough creative that larger agencies charge too much for and/or just cannot deliver consistently.

We are passionate about empowering brands to lead the way. We partner with companies to:

  • establish a strong brand identity in the marketplace
  • develop strategic plans to reach consumers and transform them into loyal customers
  • solve tough business challenges with innovative solutions
  • build a leadership position and work diligently to protect it

The team at Circle H is honest, experienced and extremely passionate about what we do.  You can trust us with your company‚Äôs brand. Plus, you will have an experience that is refreshingly different from the typical agency relationship. You have a true strategic marketing partner with Circle H Branding Co.

If you need us to build a new brand, refresh a tired brand that needs new life and increased sales, or simply want help with an individual marketing or advertising project, give Tim Hewitt a call or shoot him an email today.


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