Building the Brand Blueprint: 2 to 3 weeks

Summary: Circle H converts findings from phase one and builds a brand positioning and messaging structure, which we call the brand blueprint – a foundation that we will use to evolve your brand. Points of differentiation and strengths are called out to provide the basis on how we market your company. We utilize sound research and a ton of marketing insight to clearly articulate your core brand attributes.

What we do during this stage:

  1. Consolidate research findings to help us build brand positioning.
  2. Convert core brand differentiators and strengths into clear consumer benefits.
  3. Recommend necessary marketing or operational changes based upon negative consumer perceptions or input.

Stage 2 Deliverables = Brand Attributes:

  1. Brand Benefits- benefits you offer written from a consumer mindset.
  2. Reasons to Believe – evidence for why consumers should choose your brand.
  3. Brand Blueprint – formal brand framework that reveals your brand essence, personality, values, emotional benefits, functional benefits, and core attributes.
  4. Positioning elements like taglines.